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Waiting with ease

Smart queue management, appointment booking and ordering system is a smart customer flow management solution that combines virtual queueing, appointment scheduling, and digital ordering. It collects customer feedback and enables communication, reducing walkaways and maximising engagement. It is installation-free, cloud-based, and respects customers' privacy. Stop wasting your time standing in waiting lines. Use to get a virtual spot.

Waiting with ease
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Optimise your queue management, reduce waiting time and stop losing 60% of your visitors - And that's with free subscription!

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Get rid of the chaos:
make waiting in line enjoyable for your customers

Create the perfect expectation

Create the perfect expectation

Beat the competition and create the perfect waiting experience for your guests with Check-in from anywhere, update status and wait times automatically. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business

Make the booking process easy and convenient

Make the booking process easy and convenient

Create a convenient reservation system for guests who can easily schedule future appointments online. Automated reminders and the ability to update information will help reduce the number of calls to the staff

Research your customers using analytics

Research your customers using analytics

Analyse customer behaviour and improve business processes based on data. Optimise workflows, gain valuable statistics and customer experience scores, and increase your efficiency.

Stay in touch with the customer at all times

Stay in touch with the customer at all times

Stay in touch with your customers thanks to - notify them of their orders, thank them for coming in, and remind them to make an appointment the day before their visit

Collect feedback

Collect feedback will help you collect and analyse customer feedback to increase customer loyalty and optimise your service processes. Our solution provides clear and detailed analytics as well as tools to automate and simplify your feedback management processes.

What are the other benefits of using

How can I make my stores and website more profitable?

How can I make my stores and website more profitable?


To attract customers, brands must evoke incredible emotions in their customers that translate into sales through various sales funnels.

This leads to additional costs and ultimately less profit.

Using software to coordinate between visitors and the store team is an important factor in ensuring an effective customer-centric business.

How can I attract the attention of the modern visitor to my brand?

How can I attract the attention of the modern visitor to my brand?

Quality service

The electronic queuing system has become an integral part of today's increasingly competitive retail environment.

Today's shoppers have become more active, demanding and fickle, soan efficient and comfortable service is necessary to attract andretain customers.

Using 2meters electronic queuing system will help to achieve thisgoal and reduce the risk of losing customers due to poor service.

Can large queues significantly reduce your sales?

According to recent market research, at least 65% of in-store retail sales are made on impulse. However, it's no secret that waiting times and long lines negatively impact the overall customer experience and your business' turnover, and make it difficult for staff to work efficiently


Of visitors, state that they would "change their mind" about buying something when their attempt to purchase the product resulted in a poor customer service experience


Visitors, declare that they will avoid the store if they think the line is too long


Visitors say they spend more at a company that offers better customer service

What are the other benefits of using


Give your guests only positive emotions, helping them forget about the exhausting stay in long lines

Curbside pickup / Click & Collect


Create a convenient reservation system using our ordering system. Let your customers browse and choose your products in advance while they wait for their turn in the virtual waiting line or for an appointment.

Waiting Line Management


Get to know your customers ahead of time. See who's in line for your service and prepare their order before they arrive. Collect and provide all the necessary information and notify them when their order is ready. Manage multiple queues to optimise your business processes more effectively.

Service centre


Optimise your service centre operations. Queue management, quality control and efficiency tools help you reduce customer wait times, increase customer satisfaction and optimise your service centre operations.

Virtual Waiting Room


Make the most of your waiting areas by giving your customers the freedom to wait remotely, allowing them to enjoy their time as they please. Implement a virtual waitlist system and inform your customers when it's their turn. Even customers without modern smartphones can join in with the assistance of our Kiosk and Display apps, which can be conveniently installed wherever you choose.

Customer Flow Distribution


Control your customer flows and direct them to the location you like by giving individual instructions which your customer will read during the booking process or by inviting them to a particular service point. Your customer will then be notified upon invitation.

Customer Data Collection


Collect the customer data you need to deliver the service in advance with our Custom Forms Feature. Block the time you need to prepare the service using the availability window. Know your customers better before they arrive.

Event Registration


Use the to register attendees for your event in a simple and intuitive booking process. Define any slot capacity to accommodate as many people as you like. Or simply use the virtual queue. Check the validity of their tickets with the help of a smartphone.

Operational Analytics


Gain valuable insight into the operations of your place. Learn the average processing and waiting time for different services. Investigate the customer load distribution. Offer your customers arriving at the peak time to come back later using our appointment scheduling system.

Customer Communication


Engage with your customers remotely through our visitor chat. No matter where they are, they'll receive instant notifications and can read and respond at their convenience. Use this opportunity to address their needs in advance or keep them informed about any changes to their order or service delivery.

Customer Retention


Enhance the quality of your service by enabling your customers to skip overcrowded waiting areas with our virtual queue system. Seek their feedback and maintain communication to ensure they understand that their opinions are valued.

Customer Flow Measurements


Track visitor flows effectively using our checkpoint system. Identify any bottlenecks in your service delivery chain to enhance the overall quality of your business.

Attract more customers and create a better shopping experience

2meters makes your business rational, and the customer journey comfortable and favourable

By reducing wait times and providing a more convenient experience, customer satisfaction is likely to increase.


% helps in managing customer flow efficiently, leading to increased service throughput and staff productivity.



Satisfied customers and efficient operations can contribute to the higher number of deals through positive word-of-mouth leading to the increased revenues.





Banking & Financial Services



Public Sector


Transportation & Logistics

Airports and Airlines

Entertainment & Events

Food and Beverage

Personal Meetings


Beauty Salons





Car Service Centers



Want to organise queues for services such as registration and tuition payments?

The virtual queuing service is a simple way to efficiently eliminate queues by speeding up the process and reducing students' waiting time. Moreover, notifications can be sent to each queuer once their turn approaches - for the automated convenience of many!


Reduce waiting times and improve government services, allowing citizens to be attended faster and more conveniently without having to wait in physical lines. provides special configurations for visitor data collection, while being fully GDPR compliant.

Banking & Financial Services

Too many clients waiting for their turn in the waiting area? virtual queuing service allows your bank customers to reserve and wait their turn in the comfort of their home or office. Manage your queue with our system and increase customer service efficiency.

Make 2meters your competitive advantage

Manager App

Manager App

The Manager App is an all inclusive virtual headquarters for setting up and running your business. The depth of customisation offered here promotes the complete optimisation of your service processes, sparing you any additional or unnecessary costs. And the analytics gives you valuable insights into your business operations.

Counter App

Counter App

The Counter App is a tool to manage the customer flows. It is intended to be operated by your staff. This interface is designed to be intuitive and simple. It can be opened in multiple browsers and is synchronised in real time allowing you to react fast to the changing conditions.