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About Printing Feature

Our printing feature makes the system feel like a very traditional one, while maintaining all advantages of a fully digitalised customer flow management. It is an option to provide, when you expect customers without smartphones or without internet connection. It is best paired with our kiosk and display features

About Printing Feature

Why companies use the Printing feature, powered by 2meters

Include everyone


Make the life of your customers without personal devices easier. The businesses with a substantial number of such customers stand to gain the most from the printing function.

Improve your service


Through the inclusion of all visitors you will reduce the workload of your service desk personnel and make your service faster.

Tend to your old customers


By maintaining the traditional ways of the queue management you will avoid confusion and retain the loyalty of your old customers.

How can the Printing feature make your processes more effective

By using your business may expect improvements up to:

By reducing wait times and providing a more convenient experience, customer satisfaction is likely to increase.


% helps in managing customer flow efficiently, leading to increased service throughput and staff productivity.



Satisfied customers and efficient operations can contribute to the higher number of deals through positive word-of-mouth leading to the increased revenues.



Short step by step guidance how it works

1. Start using 2meters
Register and create an account for you and for your organisation.
2. Configure your Place
Create a Place from a template. Modify basic details and perform basic setup.
3. Define your Services
Create and describe the Services your Place provides.
4. Configure your Queues
Create one or more Queues and assign them to your Services.
5. Contact our support
Contact our support to order a preconfigured thermal printer.
6. Install additional hardware
Install a tablet running our Kiosk app.
7. Instruct your customers
Instruct your customers to check in using the tablet.

Still not sure?

See what do other customers using the Printing feature say about it?

Wow.. so much better. The queue process works well. Just have all your docs in order and the process works. Thank you.


We've experienced remarkable efficiency and seamless organization since implementing the ticketing system.


We were able to efficiently organize our flu clinic, optimize customer flow and reduce waiting times. We can highly recommend 2meters.