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Works from any device. Intuitive and easy to use.

Upgrade your Ordering

Need an ordering system for pickup, delivery, curbside, or dine-in? We’ve got you. Our solution helps you to keep pace with the big brands and delivers cutting edge user experience for a fraction of competitor costs.

Website ordering

Let hungry customers order directly from your website—on desktop or mobile. Display the availability of goods as well as the occupancy of your place to create a transparent user experience.

Customized web-app

Customize the ordering experience with a branded, device independent web-app  that showcases your logo, your menu and food. Now download needed for customers – everything works in the browser. 

Pickups, Curbside, & Delivery

Easily offer in-store pickup and curbside or deliver the food directly to your customers. Don’t pay 3rd party margins and create direct customer relations. 

Contactless Dine-in

We’re here to help make on-premise dining seamless and safe with flexible contact-free solutions.

Attract curious new diners

Connect directly with new customers to receive orders from an expanding list of the world’s most popular sites and apps.

Social Media Posts & Stories

Turn followers into customers by taking orders straight from your Instagram profile and Stories.

3rd Party delivery customers

Our tech helps you to convert 3rd party customers into direct customers. Helping you save margins.

Create lasting customer connections

Turn occasional diners into repeat customers with valuable data, marketing expertise, and a large library of marketing tools.

Valuable Customer Data

Easily identify and reward loyal guests by using customer data—something other platforms keep for themselves.

Innovative Loyalty Programs

Recognize repeated customers and foster your relationship by implementing a loyalty program. 

Print Marketing with QR Codes

Use our QR codes to generate print marketing material to easily reach local audiences and to quickly convert them into direct customers. Add QR codes to your printed receipts to convert walk-ins into lasting digital customers.

Improve management & planning

Streamline your management processes with the most customer-friendly interface on the market. Benefit from advanced analytics to make data driven decisions.

Intuitive Dashboard

Use our intuitive dashboard and the advanced analytics to plan shifts and to optimize the efficiency of your restaurant.

Load peak shaving

Your dine-in clients have full transparency on the load situation and can chose to reserve a table on another day or to come later to prevent waiting times. This evenly distributes load peaks.

Use-Case specific Features

2Meters offers a broad variety of features which allow to adjust it to be a perfect match for different use-cases. The digital waiter use case combines different important functionalities. It allows to digitalize the ordering process.  Customers select their orders on their mobile device after scanning a QR code on the table. They can select to pay the order. It is then brought by a real waiter or can be picked up. The solution is applicable for large scale canteens as well as for restaurants and bars.

Available Features:

On demand:

  • Tables
  • Payment System
  • Cash Register System Integration
  • Restaurant Management Software Integration
  • Customer Feedback
  • Zapier Integration

Setting up your digital queues improving your customers experience and optimizing your business takes as little as two minutes! Don’t hesitate and start your digital transformation now!

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