Pricing and Functions

2Meters is a general purpose, cloud-based service which helps to facilitate and digitalize the interaction between a business and its customers and is thrusted by dozens of businesses and thousands of customers every month. It takes over tasks which are typically performed by employees (such as managing reservation, walk-ins, and inventory) and frees up tons of time to dedicate it solely to the customer.

We have developed 2Meters in a way, that everybody can use it, regardless the available budget. Hence our basic subscription is 100% free. Its only limitation is the number of customers which a business can serve monthly. Businesses with a small customer flow can use 2Meters for free forever. Larger businesses can subscribe to our regular plan. It is free of limitations, includes an onboarding video call and a prioritized chat support. A variety of cost-effective optional packages, such as hardware provision, on-site installation, staff onboarding calls, and more are available to complement your selected plan. Just contact sales for your individual quote.

In case your business requires custom integrations, feel free to contact us to learn more about our individual enterprise plans.

Pricing Models

Feature List

2Meters Queue App-Live Queue

Live Queues

A live queue is a digital representation of the customers waiting to be serviced. To line up, they either scan a QR code at the entrance, click a link in an email or enter a short code in the user interface. Customers can also be queued in by the manager manually if they do not have a mobile device. One by one, the manager can then process the customers by selecting them from an intuitive graphical interface. Customers receive notifications once their turn has come. This function is used by vaccination and test centers, by pop-up shops and at airport check-in counters. 

2Meters Queue App-Appointments

Appointment System

The appointment system allows the user to create a complex schedule of services, which are being offered on different days of the week at different times. It is possible to configure how many customers can be serviced simultaneously and how long a slot for the particular service is. Customers are than forwarded to a booking page, once they have scanned a QR code, clicked a link or entered a short URL in their browser. They can then provide some personal data if required so by the business (Name, E-Mail, Telephone Number are some of the options) and select which service they are interested in. The system then suggests all the time when this service is still available at the place. Once booked, the customer receives an automatic booking confirmation via mail and the business can see the customer data in their schedule. This function is used by vaccination and test centers, by doctors and other healthcare related businesses as well as for appointment shopping.

2Meters Queue App-Logo Upload

Visitor E-Mail Notification

Our system sends automated E-Mail notification to appointment customers every time an appointment is modified. Customers receive notification when they book an appointment, when a manager confirms it (if confirmation by manager is activated), when it is cancelled or changed. To receive E-Mail notifications customers must provide their E-Mail address when booking.

2Meters Queue App-Waiting Room

Visitor Smartphone Notification

Our system notifies the customers which are lined up in the live queue by playing an acoustic signal on their smartphone when their turn has come to be serviced. Customers do not need to provide their telephone number or any other information to receive the notification as long as they do not close the browser session. The notification works on Android and iOS.

2Meters Queue App-Advanced Analytics

Custom Schedules

In case your opening hours vary, in case you have special events, holidays, lunch breaks or any other kind of unusual “feature” in your schedule – our advanced scheduler easily accommodates it. It allows to schedule unique or repeating events and patterns of events and to assign them to the services you offer.This functionality is used by almost every business unless it is an 24/7 grocery.

2Meters Queue App-Customer Feedback

Basic Inventory and Product Booking

For businesses which offer goods with limited quantity, it is important that customers can select what they want to purchase when making an appointment or queuing up – the item is then reserved in the inventory. Once all available items have been reserved, they cannot be selected any more by new customers. If an appointment is canceled, the items automatically return to the inventory. This feature is important for goods which quickly sell out or can be given away in limited quantities per customer – think of launches of new consumer electronic products with people sleeping on the streets in front of the stores. With basic inventory and product booking that’s history.

2Meters Queue App-Basic Analytics

Service Booking

If your place not only has opening hours but also different types of services, which can for example have influence on how many customers you can serve or how long a slot is and when it can be booked, 2Meters offers all the required functionality. With our advanced scheduler you can configure any kind of complicated schedule with an unlimited number of different services. If you want your customers to select which employee they want to see, this function is what you need. It is an ideal fit for example for hairdressing saloons or barber shops, where one type of service might take longer than another and where employees can have different working schedules and different service prices.

2Meters Queue App-Customer Feedback

Waiting Room Display View

In case you have a waiting room where customers can spend their time while waiting to be served, you can put a display there to show our dedicated “waiting room display view” by simply entering a unique URL. The display view shows how many people are waiting, who is next and who is being served. You can choose to show the names or to show the ticket numbers only. The view also displays the QR code which can be scanned by walk-in customers as well as your logo and some other basic information about your place. If you don’t want to set it up yourself, you can order a waiting room hardware package incl. display and minicomputer from us which will come with everything preconfigured.

2Meters Queue App-Basic Analytics

Basic Place Statistics

As a place owner you want to have an in-depth understanding of your basic metrics. 2Meters helps you to collect them. You can see how many people have been processed and how many appointments have been booked. A significant extension of the statistics dashboard is planned in the midterm. 

2Meters Queue App-Advanced Analytics

Support Chat

A support chat is available in the admin backend which allows to reach out to our team for help. We commit to answer support requests within 24 hours. A priority support package with a dedicated Point of Contact and quick guaranteed response time is available separately.

2Meters Queue App-Customer Feedback

Visitor Verification

2Meters verifies that your customers are human. This prevents you from fraud and ensures steady and smooth operation of your business regardless of what it does. This feature is highly appreciated by our retail customers selling rare, high performance computer equipment.

2Meters Queue App-Customer Feedback

Visitor Authentication

If required, 2Meters can perform a visitor authentication using social media accounts. This is required when your business needs to make sure that it can reach the customer – for example if you sell personalized items or services or if you are obliged to know your customer by law.

2Meters Queue App-Basic Analytics

On Site Installation

Depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of the use-case, an on-site installation of the hardware as well as an in-person training and onboarding of your employees might be required to get you started quickly. We offer this optional service for most European countries and the USA. The price depends on our travel costs.

Optional Service
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2Meters Queue App-Advanced Analytics

Hardware provision

We provide all the hardware incl. counter computer, waiting room displays and connectivity infrastructure. We can decouple the 2Meters system from your WLAN by using 4G/5G modules. Whatever you require – we make it happen. This is best combined with the on-site installation service but can also be shipped if you want to set up everything yourself.

Optional Service
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2Meters Queue App-Customer Feedback

Employee Onboarding

We know that for complex use cases, employees must be trained to use the system properly. We offer online classes in English and German. We simulate your use-case and develop a tailored onboarding workshop for your employees. We go through all processes and empower the participants to onboard new colleagues later.

Optional Service
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