The Rentals Use-Case

Contactless Service. Organized Flow.

Transparency. Efficiency.

Customer satisfaction and retention. Personnel efficiency. 

Waiting times and queues can result in poor customer experience as well as create a big strain in front desk managers often resulting in quick burnout or additional costs for part-time resources in any type of rental business. With 2Meters web-app you can efficiently manage your customers, turn their waiting time into leisure, optimize your workflow as well as gain more satisfied customers and save money.

Boost your car-rental counter efficiency

Introduce a predictable and reliable scheduling system, know in advance that a customer is arriving and have the paperwork ready when he is there. Your customers will like it. Your employees will love it.

Allow customers to queue-in from anywhere

Especially when customers arrive in groups, e.g. at airport car-rentals, waiting times can be very long. This can cause frustration and churn. Get rid of long waiting times by preparing the paperwork in advance. Your customers scan a QR code at the baggage carousel or in the shuttle bus to tell you that they are arriving and uploading needed documents.

Allow customers to enjoy their time

Instead of standing in line, your customers can freely move around, enjoy a coffee or shopping. Once everything is signature ready, you can notify them to come to the desk. By using 2Meters, you start servicing your customers while they are still on the way to your rental Without spending their time.

Improve Productivity

Your personnel will always know in advance when customers are arriving. If no business is coming they can leave the front desk and focus on other important tasks and monitor the situation from any mobile device. 

Let your personnel have a breath

2Meters will allow you to flatten the workload peaks, taking the stress off your front desk managers, without the necessity of hiring a part time personnel, and keep your customers happy.

Manage Appointments and Walk-Ins

Easily merge walk-in customers – such as car returns – and appointment customers such as scheduled pick-ups. Implement customer schedules and opening times and benefit from an analytics dashboard to plan your workforce accordingly.


Keep your customers’ feet warm! Expand the limits of your ski-rental with virtual queues!

Your customers queue in by scanning a QR code, and you choose where to place it – be it a ski lift, your web or directly at your store. Implement schedules for appointments and walk-ins, merge or separate them, define your services and inventory if needed. Your front desk can act accordingly – preparing the equipment upfront while your customer is having a morning coffee, and notify the customer when ready. With virtual queues of 2Meters you will gain limitless possibilities to organize the customers and your personnel in the most efficient way.

Use-Case specific Features

2Meters offers a broad variety of features which allow to adjust it to be a perfect match for different use-cases. The service-center use-case combines different important functionalities. It allows to digitalize your customer flow and to allow to start customer processing much earlier – this reduces the waiting times.  Customers can notify you of their arrival while being on their way. They can book services and even pay them directly. 2Meters is an ideal partner for service oriented businesses of any size and it is constantly developing to become even better.

Available Features:

  • Counter App
  • Visitor App
  • Monitor App
  • Digital Queue
  • Visitor throughput statistics
  • Flexible schedules
  • Slot appointment system
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Managers
  • Multiple notification channels (Push, Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Multi-Language Support (English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian)

On demand:

  • Custom visitor forms
  • Visitor document upload
  • Named counters
  • Queue chaining and automation
  • Kiosk mode for visitors without smartphones
  • Integration in automation tools (Zapier, Ninox)
  • CRM integrations
  • Webhooks

With 2Meters Setting up your digital queues, improving your customers experience and optimizing your business takes as little as two minutes! Don’t hesitate and start your digital transformation now!

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