The Retail Use-Case

Digital Ordering. Click & Collect.

Curbside pickup. Marketing. Loyalty.

2Meters is a digital queuing solution which revolutionizes the ordering process for your visitors. 

After scanning a QR code or clicking on a link online, your customers are forwarded to your personalized store page, where they can browse through your inventory, see stock availability,  reserve or even pay for the goods before picking them up at your store. 2Meters can be configured almost like a web-shop whilst allowing you to maintain personal or physical contact with your customers. Discover new future with 2Meters.

Create a unique shopping experience

No matter big or small retail, outlet or luxury boutique, with 2Meters you can always create a unique customer experience differentiating yourself from the competition and attracting more loyal customers. Everything is possible through your branded, device independent, web-app powered portal created by 2Meters.

Upgrade your ordering

Let shoppers order directly from your website using desktop or the mobile. Preselecting or reserving items online will help them to avoid long waiting times in lines during peak hours and feel themselves special.

Exclusive product launches

You can use our framework for your new product launches and exclusive event to ensure your loyal customers will always get the news releases.

Appointment Shopping and Click & Collect

Use our solution to offer state of the art appointment shopping for your boutique, to give every customer special attention and support they require, as well as click&collect services for those who are always on the run.

Attract curious new shoppers

Connect directly with new shoppers to receive orders from an expanding list of the world’s most popular social apps and sites.

Social Media Posts & Stories

Turn followers into customers by taking orders straight from your Instagram profile and Stories.

Printed media advertisement

Use our QR codes to advertise in printed media or on the streets to attract local auditories – create cross sell campaigns with partner companies through in-store advertisements. The possibilities are limitless.

Create lasting customer connections

Turn occasional shoppers into repeat customers with valuable data and marketing expertise.

Valuable Customer Data

Easily identify and reward loyal guests by using customer data—something other platforms keep for themselves. 

Innovative Loyalty Programs

Foster lasting customer relationships with your own loyalty membership program. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Improve management & planning

Streamline your management processes with the most customer-friendly interface on the market. Benefit from advanced analytics to make data driven decisions.

Intuitive Dashboard

Use our intuitive dashboard and the advanced analytics to plan shifts and to optimize the efficiency of your retail business.

Load peak shaving

Your walk-in clients have full transparency on the load situation and can chose to reserve an appointment-shopping slot on another day or to preorder and come for a click&buy pickup later.

Use-Case specific Features

2Meters offers a broad variety of features which allow to adjust it to be a perfect match for different use-cases. The retail use-case combines different important functionalities. It allows to digitalize your customer flow and to speed up the checkout process.  Customers can browse through your inventory while waiting in line or while commuting to your store. They can reserve items or even pay them directly to pick them up later. 2Meters can be configured almost like a web-shop but will still allow you to maintain a personal, physical contact with your customers.

Available Features:

On demand:

  • Custom Visitor Forms
  • Product and Service Specific QR-codes
  • Payment System
  • Named Counters
  • Recurrent Customer Identification
  • Load Depending Pricing
  • Cash Register System Integration
  • POS Software Integration
  • Customer Feedback
  • Automation tools integration (Zapier, Ninox)

Setting up your digital queues improving your customers experience and optimizing your business takes as little as two minutes! Don’t hesitate and start your digital transformation now!

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