The Service Center Use-Case

Contactless Service. Organized Flow.

Transparency. Efficiency.

Boost your car-rental counter efficiency

Introduce a predictable and reliable scheduling system, know in advance that a customer is arriving and have the paperwork ready when he is there. Your customers will like it. Your employees will love it.

Allow customers to queue-in from anywhere

Especially when customers arrive in groups, e.g. at airport car-rentals, waiting times can be very long. This can cause frustration and churn. Get rid of long waiting times by preparing the paperwork in advance. Your customers scan a QR code at the baggage carousel or in the shuttle bus to tell you that they are arriving. Once everything is signature ready, you can notify them to come to the desk. By using 2meters, you start servicing your customers while they are still on the way to your rental.

Improve productivity

Your personell will always know in advance when customers are arriving. If no business is coming they can leave the front desk and focus on other important tasks. They can monitor the situation from any mobile device. 

Manage Appointments and Walk-Ins

Easily merge walk-in customers – such as car returns – and appointment customers such as scheduled pick-ups. Implement customer schedules and opening times and benefit from an analytics dashboard.

Great solution for small businesses

Get rid of your written appointment journal and forget about dozens of different calendar apps you use in your service oriented small business. Do everything via 2Meters – quickly and super straight forward via our WebApp. Get a great solution for a tiny price.

Service Bookings and Custom Schedules

Be transparent with your customers and display how long which service takes. Couple services with the availability of part-time employees. Let customers know, that fixing a flat tire just takes 10 minutes and they are welcome without appointment at any time of the day. Also communicate, that to get consulting on the selection of a new racing bike, they need a one hour appointment with your oldest and most experienced employee who only works on two days a week. Everything in one place. 

Modern Payment Methods

Allow your customers to pay for your services via Paypal or other methods and facilitate their life. If they like your service, they can even leave some tip subsequently.

Modernize your customer service desk

Exchange your paper-ticket based system through our fully contactless solution. Throw away expensive hardware and introduce a digital queuing system from the 21 century.

Queuing through QR code scanning or over a Kiosk

Customers queue in by scanning a QR code or over a dedicated Kiosk tablet. They can select the service they need or even pick goods from your inventory – such as spare parts for their furniture if you have a furniture store.

Use diverse notification methods

Use monitors in your service area to display the queue status or notify customers via push notification or SMS. In any case, while waiting, your customers don’t have to stand in line any more. Use this to sell more goods in your service area or just to offer them the possibility to get a coffee. 

Improve management & planning

Streamline your management processes with the most customer-friendly interface on the market. Benefit from advanced analytics to make data driven decisions.

Intuitive Dashboard

Use our intuitive dashboard and the advanced analytics to plan shifts and to optimize the efficiency of your service oriented business.

Load peak shaving

Your walk-in clients have full transparency on the load situation and can chose to reserve an appointment slot on another day – this helps to evenly distribute loads over the week.

Use-Case specific Features

2Meters offers a broad variety of features which allow to adjust it to be a perfect match for different use-cases. The service-center use-case combines different important functionalities. It allows to digitalize your customer flow and to allow to start customer processing much earlier – this reduces the waiting times.  Customers can notify you of their arrival while being on their way. They can book services and even pay them directly. 2Meters is an ideal partner for service oriented businesses of any size and it is constantly developing to become even better.

Available Features:

  • Counter App
  • Visitor App
  • Monitor App
  • Digital Queue
  • Appointment System
  • Services

On demand:

  • Counters
  • Queue Chaining
  • Ninox Integration
  • Zapier Integration

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